APWU Members Unity Team – Contested Candidates

Mark Dimondstein


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Debby Szeredy

Executive Vice President

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Steve Raymer

Maintenance Director

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Judy Beard

Legislative/Political Director

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Vance Zimmerman

Industrial Relations Director

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Clint Burelson

Clerk Director

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Joyce Robinson

Research & Education Director

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Mike Gallagher

Eastern Region Coordinator

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Nancy Olumekor

Retirees Director

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Terry Martinez

Asst. Maintenance Director B

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Lynn Pallas-Barber

Asst. Clerk Director B

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Kennith Beasley

Southern Region Coordinator

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John Marcotte

Health Plan Director

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APWU Members Unity Team – Unopposed Candidates

Elizabeth Powell


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The unopposed candidates of the “Members Unity” Team (listed below) thank you for your vote of confidence! We urge you to to join with us in enthusiastic support for Mark Dimondstein, Debby Szeredy and the full slate of the APWU Members Unity Team!
– Liz Powell

Michael Foster

MVS Director

John Dirzius

Northeast Region Coordinator

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Lamont Brooks

Asst. Clerk Director A

Sue Carney

Human Relations Director

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Omar Gonzalez

Western Region Coordinator

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Sharyn Stone

Central Region Coordinator

Javier Pineres

Asst. MVS Director

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Anna Smith

Organization Director

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Idowu Balogun

Asst. Maintenance Director A

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Steve Brooks

Support Services Director

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